Stories of Answered Prayer

St. Jude is a powerful intercessor who offers comfort and hope. These testimonies of hope have been sent to the National Shrine of St. Jude from people just like you, all seeking the comfort and hope of our powerful patron, St. Jude.

We recently sold our home and were able to buy a newer home that meets all of our needs. I carry a St. Jude medal with me every day to my job. St. Jude has helped me every day to learn a new job and cope with very difficult situations. My faith and love in St. Jude is spreading to my daughter and I know she, in turn, can spread it to others.

- S. K., Villa Ridge, MO

I recently had a blood test done for what my doctor suspected might be an auto-immune disease. After praying to St. Jude, the results came back negative.

- L. W., Winfield, IL

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayer requests and petitions. I have been praying to St. Jude for over twenty years and he hears me always. I pray that he continues to hear my prayer requests and petitions, and I will continue to thank him. When I feel helpless and hopeless, alone and almost to the point of despair, he helps me.

- R. B., APO AE 09630

My cousin met today with a team of specialists regarding the six mm lesion on her brainstem, which had shown up on the MRI and in other tests. They have cleared her of any tumor or cancer of any kind. They say what she has is a "vascular abnormality." This can cause double vision, dizziness, and other such symptoms. She has none of these symptoms, and indeed, has no tumor or cancer. Thanks be to God for His divine mercy, goodness, and kindness.

- Y. K., e-mail

I had a large foreign mass in my right kidney and a smaller mass in my left kidney. Doctors were proposing to remove my right kidney and freeze the mass in my left kidney to kill the mass. I was given a prayer card to St. Jude and began to faithfully pray to him for help to survive the operations and not to have to go on dialysis for the rest of my life. Both operations were short and painless, and both masses were cancerous. Following difficult complications, I was in the hospital for twenty days, and in a blood thinning therapy program for six months. The good news is my remaining kidney is working well and I have no need for dialysis. I am on a continuous check-up program since it is unusual to have cancer hit both kidneys. I am eternally grateful to God and to St. Jude for the outcome of my medical problems.

- T. M., Phoenix, AZ

I wish to offer my gratitude to St. Jude for being with me during my emergency room visit. Not only were my prayers answered that all would go well, but I felt calm and confident the whole time that St. Jude was praying on my behalf. Thank you for your intercession, St. Jude.

- A., Phoenix, AZ

Our son is an airline pilot who was furloughed from his job a little over a year ago. We appealed to St. Jude and our son received interim employment with the military reserve and has now been notified by the airline that he can have his job back at the end of this year. We prayed hard for this and have been answered.

- W. R., e-mail

I thank St. Jude for the many blessings he has granted me, especially sparing me an operation. I encourage devotion to St. Jude and distribute his pictures and prayers.

- M. P., Paterson, NJ

Five different oncology doctors had told me I would be dead within six months and I was given a zero percent chance of a cure. I had four tumors in difficult places to excise, my lymphnodes had cancerous lesions, and there were too many spots in my intestines to count. I prayed long and hard to St. Jude and my four tumors started shrinking. I outlived the six months. Then the Lord sent me a wonderful doctor who presented my case to a board and agreed to try to excise the tumors. I had a PET test to check on the cancer hot spots in my intestines. The first stage of St. Jude's intercession revealed itself when all the spots were gone. I underwent a CAT scan to pinpoint one last time the locations of the four tumors and the infected lymphnodes. My miracle continued when on the day of surgery, the doctor opened me up to find no tumors. All four had vanished leaving no signs, no scar tissue, not even evidence of where they had been attached. My miracle was complete when the biopsy on the removed lymphnodes revealed no cancer. I was truly delivered of a miracle through the intercession of St. Jude. The staff of Duke University Medical Center is in awe, and told me I had written a new chapter in the survival of cancer. I trust in my God, and have truly been touched by His loving grace.

- R. W., Hickory, NC

I am a firm believer in prayer to St. Jude. I asked for vigil lights for my petitions. One of those I prayed for has stopped drinking, and the other has stopped doing drugs. It is like a miracle.

- E. O., Dayton, OH

I wrote a few weeks ago and asked for prayers for my daughter, who was considering having an abortion. Thanks to all the prayers, and St. Jude's intercession, she did not go through with it. I can't express the joy in my soul for this wondrous miracle.

- C. K., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I want to thank St. Jude for his intercession for the healing of my nephew's hepatitis. The doctors are amazed that he shows no evidence of the disease any longer. I prayed to St. Jude for years for him. Now, we call it our family miracle. We will be forever grateful for St. Jude's intercession to Our Lord Jesus.

- R. V., LaHabra, CA

I have prayed to St. Jude for 67 years now. I was rushed to the hospital with a heart reading of 30, and when I arrived at the hospital the machine flatlined. St. Jude sent me home. He has always answered my prayers. Last year and the one before I had a stroke, and each time I asked St. Jude to help me. I tell everyone about St. Jude.

- M. H., Orlando, FL

Through prayers to St. Jude, I have received many favors. My son came home from Vietnam, my brother was cured of cancer, my sister had successful triple by-pass surgery, my youngest sister no longer has breathing problems, and I have received help from friends and relatives through my times with diabetes and a pacemaker.

- D. K., Galesburg, IL

St. Jude has been my patron saint for the past 45 years and has never failed me. Recently our plant was running out of raw materials, which meant there was a chance of us shutting down operations. It is my responsibility to purchase the raw materials for our plant. I dedicated the April Solemn Novena to St. Jude to find sufficient raw material to keep the plant operating. Halfway through the novena, my prayers were answered. St. Jude is truly the patron of hopeless and impossible cases and a worker of miracles.

- R. O., White Pigeon, MI

St. Jude has been a great help many times in my life. His intercession to our Heavenly Father has brought comfort to me and to my family. I thank him and praise him for all of his help, and seek his guidance for current petitions.

- K. G., Michigan City, IN

This past month I had my mammogram and it was found to be suspicious. After four weeks of testing, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day I went for my CAT scan, a leaflet from the Shrine arrived in my mail. Many years ago I had prayed to St. Jude, but had directed my prayers only to Jesus and Mary for quite a while. I prayed to St. Jude for strength and courage, and found out recently that my cancer has not spread anywhere else in my body. Thank you, St. Jude. I will continue to pray for strength and wellness through St. Jude's intercession with Jesus.

- J. O., e-mail

I received the Lenten Reflection pamphlet and started doing each daily meditation. It felt so good to have a direction each day to think about and practice, and it felt good knowing I was doing something special each day in prayer with St. Jude. St. Jude has helped me for more than 50 years in so many ways. I have encouraged devotion to him to my family, friends, and co-workers. At times I do not know what I would do without his presence in my life and the strength he gives me.

- A. W., White Plains, NY

Two years ago I offered the St. Jude novena for my grandson, who needed surgery. The day of surgery the doctor did one more CT scan and decided surgery was not necessary. Thank you, St. Jude. I have faith that if it is the Lord's Will, St. Jude will help us. I will continue to share St. Jude's prayers whenever I see the need.

- M. S., Morrison, IN

Two young women friends of our family have gone through breast cancer and heart problems. The cancer patient has been fully cured, and the heart patient has been told no operation is now required and that, with medication, she will hopefully recover. Both of these families were given St. Jude cards and have become devoted to St. Jude through their good fortune.

- B. R., Sacramento, CA

St. Jude has answered my prayers many times. However, two years ago I contacted a rare infection in my replacement knee. The replacement had to be taken out and I had no knee for 15 months, which meant I spent time in a wheelchair. It took two years and three operations to clear up the infection and put in a new knee. With the help of St. Jude, I now have a new knee and I can walk.

- R. L., Duluth, GA

In 1954, I was pregnant and involved in an accident. I was told there was no heartbeat by three different doctors. I prayed to St. Jude for the first time, a petition slip was placed at the altar, and about three weeks later I felt movement. I had a healthy nine pound baby boy. St. Jude has been helping me for fifty years now, and I continue to pray to him.

- T. P., Boston, MA

On March 10th of this year, our family was informed that our mother had Phase Two Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She was to have six chemotherapies, four radiations and then surgery to remove the mass. Needless to say, I started praying to St. Jude for his intercession. She had two chemos and then her doctor prematurely scheduled a CT Scan for early May. When the test results came back there was no cancer to be found. Her doctor cancelled the radiation and surgery, but is keeping the two chemos. We are most grateful and are thanking St. Jude hourly.

- M. S., Scottsdale, AZ

I want to extend my sincerest thanks for the intercession of St. Jude in the hour of my greatest need. I posted my request on the website and have been diligent in praying to St. Jude for his help in petitioning my request before Our Lord. St. Jude smiled upon me and brought my need to our heavenly Father and He has heard my prayer. I will be forever grateful to St. Jude for his kind intercession and will encourage devotion to him as the patron saint of hopeless causes.

- D. D., Marcellus, NY

For years we have been concerned about my daughter's alcohol problem. We had two weeks recently that were heartbreaking and I really thought she might die if she didn't get treatment. Suddenly she decided to stop. We didn't fight with her or drag her off to the hospital. She just quit drinking. The change is amazing. It has to be the answer to our prayers. Thank you, St. Jude.

- E. W., Seattle, WA

Through this note I want to let people know that even when things seem dismal or impossible, pray to St. Jude and ask his help and you will have help. I lost very important paperwork, which needed to go to my insurance company. I prayed to St. Jude to help me and he did. I found the papers, got them to the insurance company, and the claim was made on time.

- M., Keene, NH

Thank you, St. Jude, for granting me and my family our request for peace and forgiveness. I will always honor you as my special and powerful patron.

- J. M., Brooklyn, NY

This past fall my son had a very bad case of double pneumonia and was in ICU with little hope being offered by the doctors. I cried and prayed. Someone gave me a St. Jude novena prayer and told me to pray from my heart. On the third day, the doctors gave us our first bit of hope. After that, he got a little bit better every day. I never stop thanking the Lord Jesus and St. Jude.

- T. H., Kenner, LA

Dear St. Jude, I always ask you for favors and somehow you always seem to help me. I am so thankful to you. I pray to you every night. You are a wonderful saint. I'll always believe in you and give your picture to my friends.

- C. W., Worcester, MA

The Novena to St. Jude was given to me by my Godmother when I was in grade 12 and in trouble with my studies. She prayed the novena for me and I was able to get through my 12th grade with less difficulties.

- R. R., Findlay, OH

I prayed to St. Jude for my sister to get the new job she wanted and she did, thanks to St. Jude. I want to acknowledge favors received through the intercession of St. Jude.

- M. E., Aliso Viejo, CA

I want to thank St. Jude for his intercession for me financially. He is always there when I need him, and I know I can always count on him. I ask St. Jude to continue to watch over me, guide me, and help me when I need it.

- M. R. C., San Antonio, TX

I want to express gratitude for St. Jude's intercession for our daughter Emily's health. We were praying to him for good results from some medical testing which was unclear for about three weeks. We just received news that there was no tumor in her spine, but rather a cyst which will be looked at over time. We are still praying for a resolution of her back pain, which is apparently not related to the cyst. We are forever grateful for these good results.

- K. F., Winchester, MA

My son had a very challenging time completing law school and recently passing the bar exam. I prayed daily to St. Jude to support him during this time. With my son's recent success, I am daily saying a prayer of thanks to St. Jude.

- R. R., Livermore, CA

I have a lot of faith in St. Jude, and recently prayed to him for help in something that I needed in my life. In less than four days my prayer was answered.

- C. D., North Providence, RI

I want to thank St. Jude for my answered prayers. My husband and I were struggling financially and spiritually. My husband lost his job and we were desperate for a while. He decided to open up a business but it didn't do well. God had a better plan for us. Out of nowhere, my husband received an opportunity at a full-time steady job. I thank St. Jude for listening to my prayers, for helping us with our lives, and blessing us immensely. We know that St. Jude is watching over us.

- M. G., Queens, NY

My Mom passed away in February 2004 and we had to move back to her house, which was not paid for. My husband lost his job in July, and I lost mine in September. I received no unemployment benefits. Only because of prayer to St. Jude and his intercession with God was I able to get my job back in April of this year.

- L. C., Sparrows Point, MD

God, thank you for the grace and favors you have given me through the prayers of your Apostle, Jude Thaddeus. St. Jude, I thank you for your intercession in response to my prayers. I will always be grateful to you and will spread devotion to you. Be with us always so we may face our problems with courage and serenity.

- K., E-Mail

I want to thank St. Jude most sincerely for prayers answered. My son is in his third year in college in the USA and his fourth and final year was threatened because I did not have college fees for next year. I sent a petition to St. Jude in India. In less than a month, I received news from some friends who pledged to pay my son's fees in full next year, even though it is on loan. I praised God and still praise Him. I have thanks St. Jude many times and feel it is not enough.

- A. B., E-Mail

I would like to thank St. Jude for his compassion, love, and patience. He has answered a prayer that I thought was unanswerable. So much so that when it was answered, I did not even realize it at the time. No request is too big or too small. St. Jude looks into your heart and answers its call.

- A. C., E-mail

I'm writing to express a thank you to St. Jude for my full-time and part-time jobs. Thank you for sending someone to me who helped me get the jobs.

- M. H., Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank St. Jude for granting my requests of financial and health assistance for my husband and for me. Thank you, St. Jude!

- M. S., Pomona, CA

I have prayed to St. Jude for most of my life. My most recent answer to prayer was that my daughter was able to relocate and find an apartment within a short walking distance to her job. She needed a place with reasonable rent in a safe neighborhood and with no obstacles to her independence, as she is totally blind. I leave it to St. Jude to watch over her and protect her in this new location. I ask that each of you please pray to St. Jude, especially when you feel you have serious problems, when feeling hopeless or alone, and in times when things don't seem that they can get better. They can! St. Jude answers your prayers.

- D., New York, NY

I offer my thanks to St. Jude for answered prayers. My son, 46 years old, was told that he probably had cancer. He took medication and found that his blood test was a false positive and he merely had an infection. What a relief!

- P. D., Spencerport, NY

One day in the midst of a severe depression I broke a razor and cut my wrist and arms. I was found and rushed to the hospital, where I received 126 stitches. At first I was upset to still be alive, but I now believe that I was spared for a reason. A friend of mine suggested I pray to St. Jude and ask him to remove my depression, heartache and sadness, and to give me strength. Later that night I felt a warm peaceful feeling come over me and I started to cry. I grabbed the St. Jude prayer and began to pray, as I do every day now. I have a totally different outlook on life. I have become a true and faithful believer in St. Jude.

- J. J., San Antonio, TX

My special thanks to St. Jude for a medical favor that turned out to be positive. St. Jude is always on my prayer list.

- F. Z., Minneapolis, MN

My son had developed a serious heart problem. The doctors decided that he would need a heart transplant to save his life. I prayed to St. Jude day and night. The doctors are amazed because his damaged heart is now working normally. They can't account for this great news. We can: it was our prayers and the help of St. Jude.

- J. J., Mount Airy, MD

My son is very interested in politics and was running for committeeperson in our town. He wanted this position very much and I was praying to St. Jude for this petition. Needless to say, my prayers were answered. St. Jude has been my special patron saint for over 35 years. I am very grateful to him for answering many of my requests.

- L. S., North Brunswick, NJ

I want to acknowledge a favor I received through the intercession of St. Jude. I started praying to St. Jude when my Dad had cancer in 1992. He had his yearly physical at Mayo in May and has been cancer-free for 13 years. I pray daily to St. Jude and am so thankful for all my answered prayers.

- C. P., Waterville, MN

My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the lumpectomy was done, the doctors said they would do some tests. I prayed to St. Jude and all my friends prayed. When the tests came back the doctors said the cancer had not spread and she did not need radiation. I feel St. Jude made this miracle happen.

- D. G., Niles, OH

I prayed to St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for my grandson who was being tested for a potentially serious medical condition. My prayers were answered and his tests were negative; his condition is not as serious as originally feared. I have prayed to St. Jude for over twenty years, and he has always helped.

- H. K., Shelton, CT

Many thanks for St. Jude's constant help and blessings. I have successfully obtained my degree and have secured a job in the company I desired. My worries have been put to rest after these past few months. Thank you, St. Jude, for not forsaking me during the time of my despair, and for answering my prayers.

- Anon., Singapore

I was very ill with dizziness and had a constant ringing in my ear. Thanks to prayer to St. Jude, I am no longer dizzy. St. Jude also interceded for my Mom, whose tests have all come back with good results.

- S. D., Mississauga, ON Canada

My grandmother was very devoted to St. Jude and taught me his prayer. He has been a very powerful protector my entire life. He has guided me through college exams and other trials. When I lost my job, by his intercession I swiftly found another one, much better than the first. He has helped me through financial difficulties and interceded with the Lord for the health of many relatives. He has been my constant and powerful intercessor through countless troubles. I gratefully acknowledge his help, and humbly thank Almighty God for this great apostle.

- C. L. W., St. Louis, MO

In the fall of last year my daughter, who had always been an A student, was struggling and getting C's and D's on her tests. She studied and prepared for them, but did poorly on the exams. I prayed to St. Jude to help her in her studies. She is now back on track and receiving high marks once again. I also encourage her to pray to St. Jude in times of need and despair.

- K. C., South Pasadena, CA

I received my prayer card to St. Jude while visiting the hospital chapel when my grandmother was very ill. An elderly woman gave it to me, as her loved one had passed on and she felt I needed it. I began what would become a lifetime of prayer that night to St. Jude; my first answered prayer was the recovery of my grandmother. I honor him as my special and powerful patron who has never let me down.

- J. C., E-Mail

My daughter has a brain tumor that is inoperable and located on the brain stem. She has been through radiation and chemotherapy, which has reduced the tumor fifty percent. A year ago the chemo stopped working and I have prayed to St. Jude for a miracle. Today the MRI showed no growth and also that it could even have been reduced more. I am so thankful to St. Jude.

- J. S., E. Hampstead, NH

My grandson was trying for the NYPD Cadet Corp. , but because of some mistakes he had made they were not going to hire him. I prayed to St. Jude and he came to the rescue. Thank you, St. Jude, for your intercession.

- L. D., Bayside, NY

I asked St. Jude for his intercession to Our Lord Jesus Christ for spiritual and financial aid. I have received both and I have to thank St. Jude for all the answers he has obtained for me. Thank you, St. Jude.

- M. W., Hanover Park, IL

I am disabled. I prayed to St. Jude twice a day for several months to get my Social Security. I finally received it and now I am telling others about St. Jude.

- S. V., Glassboro. NJ

My family and I relocated without jobs. I have found one, thanks to St. Jude, and now I am getting my new home. To make everything complete, my husband just needs to find a job. Right now I am happy with what I have.

- V. V., North Wilkesboro, NC

I prayed to St. Jude for 19 months for my son and my son-in-law. St. Jude answered my prayers. He has helped my son to find a job, and is helping my son-in-law with his recovery from two strokes and a heart attack. I thank St. Jude for his prayers and favors.

- L. C., Placentia, NF Canada

My sister was going in for some tests. I prayed to the St. Jude, the Blessed Virgin and St. Rita that the tests would come out positive. They did and I am so grateful for this favor granted.

- M. C., Rockford, IL

After 49 days of unemployment, I thank God and St. Jude for the prayers answered. I have signed a contract for a chemistry teacher position in a large city college, with better pay than my last employment, less hours, better benefits, and the commute to work is half the amount of time. I have also been accepted to teach science courses online with several colleges; I have a proposal pending to design and teach a course on bioterrorism, and have been put in the adjunct instructor pool of several other colleges. During this time of prayer and waiting, I found time to train on new software and improve my skills to make myself more marketable. I thank Father God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, as well as all the saints for their intercession.

- L. R., E-Mail

I would like to introduce all to the powers of St. Jude. I have prayed to him for most of my adult years to intervene for me and my family. St. Jude was there whenever I needed his intercession. I believe so strongly in St. Jude's powers. I have tried to teach my children to trust and pray to him to help them.

- D. B., El Cajon, CA

I am a new immigrant in this country. I had a contract with the company who brought me here. It was almost impossible to get myself released from the contract, even though I was ready to pay them off. With the help of St. Jude, I was able to do so miraculously.

- M. G., Yonkers, NY

I said a novena to St. Jude for my niece. The doctors thought they saw a mass on her pancreas. When she went in for a procedure, they found out it was not cancerous. I thank St. Jude from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayers, and I thank the St. Jude League for giving me a way to express my thanks.

- M. C., E-Mail

I have only made three novenas to St. Jude in my life. I know how powerful this novena is and would only use it in dire circumstances. St. Jude has never failed to answer and intercede for my help. The power of prayer has been a constant in my life... a very powerful constant.

- C. R., Cleveland, OH

I was introduced to St. Jude 46 years ago. Since then he has come through during some very difficult days. My dear advocate, St. Jude, came through again recently. After five months of faithfully praying, my prayer has been answered. My son was offered a job, not only with a salary he never expected to get, but with many benefits. Thank you, Jesus, for St. Jude.

- P. M., Akron, OH

In December my daughter had major surgeries. She had a tumor pressing on vital organs and nerves, which let to some surgical reconstruction. Complications set in after six weeks and tubes had to be inserted to allow for healing. In March the tubes were removed; the tumor had been found to be non-cancerous. She is still having some problems as muscles and nerves were damaged, but with the help of our Blessed other, Our dearest Lord and St. Jude, she'll come through.

- R. P., Cleveland, OH

Recently I had to undergo an important medical test. The pretest was not promising. I prayed and the final test came out fine. Thank you, St. Jude.

- B. B., Bridgewater, NJ

Things are looking up. I have been praying to St. Jude, and Heaven has answered my prayers. My wife has had a gambling addiction for a few years now. Things have been very bad at home and in business, and I thought all would be lost. Well, St. Jude came through for us and my wife is getting help now. Things are miraculously turning around for us and the future looks brighter. My many thanks to the Good Lord, Jesus, and to St. Jude.

- D. B., E-Mail

My sister-in-law prayed the novena when her in-laws were going for a visa interview and the rate of rejection was high. The power of the St. Jude novena is such that they cleared the interview without any difficulties. At the same time my sister-in-law offered the novena for a child. It was a big miracle in the home of my brother and sister-in-law. She conceived and my brother accepted the news with great joy. Their happiness is beyond words.

- R., Findlay, OH

My daughter has had several issues that interfered with her marriage, emotional state, and ultimately destroyed her self-esteem. I prayed to St. Jude to come to her aid and he did. She had the strength to discuss the issues with her husband, who now realizes the problems and how his reactions negatively impacted their relationship. They have found that with couples counseling and St. Jude's intercession they are getting closer.

- D. B., El Cajon, CA

I am writing in gratitude and thanksgiving for the many prayers answered after asking for powerful intercession from St. Jude. He listened to me. I feel St. Jude is now a friend. I feel the saints want to help us in our prayer life and to strengthen our relationship with Our Lord. I feel they want to help us become better people, and that they, along with Our Lord and His Mother, bring miracles into our lives. Over and over, I thank St. Jude for his comfort and intercession. I can't believe the blessings that come through the novenas. I know St. Jude and the saints will continue to help me on this journey to be and do better. I know they are powerful friends in times of joy and sorrow.

- S. M., Pittsburgh, PA

I prayed for a positive outcome for a trial in which my husband was involved. He had become involved in some bad business deals that were the result of the undue influence of his business partners. The repercussions of this trial would mean imprisonment for my husband should he be found guilty. The ordeal lasted almost four years and has been a stressful period in our lives. During this time, I prayed that he would not be sent away, for this would be a difficult hardship for me and the children. I prayed the novena to St. Jude prior to his arraignment, and on Monday, we received word he would only receive probation. Nonetheless, he has taken full responsibility for his actions and I am grateful our family is at peace once again. I praise St. Jude for his powerful work.

- K. C., S. Pasadena, CA

My prayers to St. Jude have been answered on several petitions. My brother-in-law's surgery was successful. My tumor did not grow and remains benign.

- E. C., Joliet, IL

I prayed to St. Jude for over two years for my grandson and my son. My grandson was deeply depressed and into drugs and alcohol, had left home and was living in his car. We were able to get him into a school for troubled boys. It has taken almost two years but he has completed high school, returned home and is a much more mature person with a job and goals. I will be forever grateful to St. Jude.

- J. J., Buchley, WA

In December my nephew, age 41, lost his job. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. After nine months of chemotherapy, he was told he was cured of his cancer. A miracle happened, through St. Jude's intercession. Now he needs a job - Phase 2 of this miracle...

- S. R., Woonsocket, RI

After twenty years of trying to quit smoking I did it through the intercession of St. Jude.

- H. B., Haines City, FL

Several months ago my son lost his job. With a wife and two children to support, I was upset and worried for his future. As I always do in time of need, I turned to St. Jude and prayed daily as I have for the past 40 years. After eight days of prayer, my son received an offer from a company that is happy to have him. St. Jude has answered so many prayers for me and for my family. I will continue to introduce him to others so they can seek his help.

- G. C. F., Chicago, IL

I said the prayer to St. Jude on Monday night, asking for help with my financial situation and for help for my son to make better choices in school and in activities with friends. The next day my husband got a job, and my son's attitude and school performance is beginning to improve.

- C. L., Worcester, MA

My son had worked in the computer industry in northern California and was one of the hundreds of people who lost their jobs in that industry. After looking for work in his area for sixteen months, he decided to try and look in southern California. I prayed to St. Jude, and he had two job offers in one week after he got here. He is doing very well now and is no longer depressed. I want to thank St. Jude from the bottom of my heart for helping my son.

- P. F., Brea, CA

I am an elderly widow and I have so much faith in prayers to St. Jude. I live on a very low fixed income and this fall discovered I needed a new furnace. I just didn't have the money. I prayed to Jesus and St. Jude and my needs were met. I am so grateful for the answers and I find so much strength in praying to St. Jude.

- M. B., Imler, PA

Faced with a career change and much self-doubt, I reached out to St. Jude for the confidence and perseverance to take all the steps necessary to train for this transition. I prayed novenas to St. Jude and, as always, he took me under his watch and brought me through. In thanks, I continue to pray to him for helping me take it one day at a time. St. Jude is such a hope to the hopeless and discouraged.

- J. L., Harlingen, TX

I would like to acknowledge my prayers answered from St. Jude. My husband was being tested for bone cancer and the tests came back negative. He is continuing other tests, but I put all my trust and faith in God and St. Jude.

- D. J., Newark, OH

I'm thankful for many blessings and intentions received through the intercession of St. Jude. I prayed to him for the remission of cancer for my husband, for improvement in my daughter's vision, and for a personal problem for myself which had been troubling me for years. Through the intercession of St. Jude my prayers were answered. I am so grateful and thankful to the Infant Jesus and St. Jude.

- N. M., Thunder Bay, ON

In July 2003 I lost my right breast to cancer. I started praying to St. Jude, Jesus, and to God that my left breast remain cancer-free and it came true. The results of my recent mammography are normal. All other tests have come back with normal results. Thanks to St. Jude for giving me the miracle I've been praying for.

- S. I., Staten Island, NY

When my health insurance company advised they were no longer a supplemental, I was left with a decision. Being over 80, I prayed to St. Jude. Shortly after I found a company that would cover me. Over the years St. Jude has always come through when I had a decision to make.

- E. M., Freeport, IL

I started praying in January '04 for my granddaughter, who was told she had Hodgkins Disease and lymphoma. After months of chemotherapy, in September she was told her cancer was in remission. Thanks to St. Jude for interceding for her.

- R. M., Drexel Hill, PA

My father had surgery for melanoma on his scalp. I prayed to St. Jude for his help in taking my prayers to Jesus. My father's surgery went very well. The doctors were able to remove all the cancer, it hadn't spread anywhere else, no skin graft was necessary, and he won't have to undergo chemo or radiation. We are so thankful!

- D. G., Anderson, IN

My daughter was afflicted with breast cancer 14 years ago and this year it re-appeared. Metastasized breast cancer is almost impossible to overcome. With many prayers to St. Jude, last Thursday she was given a clean bill of health. It makes me feel like we had a miracle. St. Jude is indeed a patron to those who feel helpless.

- N. K., Laurence, NE

I have been praying to St. Jude for so long to help my family in many ways and always said that he does not hear me because he helps others but not me. I now know I was wrong. He does help me in many ways, and I will never doubt his help. I pray to him every day and night. The things he helped us with are our son got a job, our two grandsons who have health issues have received help, he has helped our son in his business and helped my husband and I when we had an accident. I will always pray to St. Jude.

- I. V., St. Clair Shores, MI

I wish to thank St. Jude for prayers answered to help my grandson kick his drug habit. He has become a new person.

- C. O., Ballwin, MO

I pray to St. Jude daily for any of our relatives or friends who may need his help, because I have great faith in his powers of intercession with Our Lord. St. Jude has answered my prayers in important matters over the years and I continue to trust him and suggest to others to turn to him.

- I. K., Lackawanna, NY

Last spring I had to make arrangements for surgery on my right eye. I am always concerned when I have serious trouble with my eye so I prayed constantly to St. Jude for the success of the surgery. The surgery was a success, and after all the healing, my eye is just fine. I thank God and St. Jude for help and peace of mind.

- R. N., Princeton, MN

To St. Jude: I want to thank you for all you have done for me and my family over the years. I have prayed to you so many times in my life. All my requests have always been fulfilled. I come to you because I believe in your ability to help by interceding for me. I have taught my daughters about your power and remind them to seek your intercession when in need. Thank you for all you have done and will do for me.

- D., El Cajon, CA

My prayers to St. Jude were answered. I prayed to St. Jude to help my daughter find her first job as a teacher. The situation looked grim, as Michigan has so many teaching colleges and a surplus of teachers. She applied to over fifty schools and was given one interview, but was not selected for the job. Weeks passed with her facing the decision of moving out of state or taking a job as a substitute teacher. Miraculously, the school she had interviewed with called her one day after one of the teachers quit on short notice. One week later, she started work at her dream job. I will be eternally grateful to God, St. Jude, and to all the saints who intercede on her behalf.

- M. B., Battle Creek, MI

My problem is always not enough money to meet our needs. I am a single mother with a child in college. Every time that I am desperate I pray to St. Jude and always get money from some source. Friends are always there. There are many, many times St. Jude has heard my prayers and taken care of my needs.

- A. R., Vero Beach, FL

St. Jude has helped me in more than one way. I really believe and have faith in him. One of his miracles was bringing my son and son-in-law safely back from Iraq. They came back one week apart. I have a lot to be thankful for.

- E. R., Chila Vista, CA

Thank you, St. Jude, for helping us with my husband's illness. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctor told us he was going to need surgery and chemotherapy and was going to have a bag on the side for about six months. We prayed constantly. The day of the surgery the doctor said he didn't need chemo or the bag - the cancer was all removed. We will be ever mindful of this great favor and many others.

- M. G., Berwyn, IL

I wish to thank St. Jude for helping me with a medical condition. He has always been a good friend.

- H. M., Cleveland, OH

As part of my job requirement, I have to take a state examination. The first time I failed and a friend of mine told me about the powerful intercession of St. Jude. I started a nine day Novena and recently found out I passed the test. I'm very happy and want others to pray to St. Jude for his intercession in times of great need. St. Jude will never fail in his promises as long as we keep our faith and devotions to him.

- M. T. S., Glendale, CA

I spent the past two years working in a challenging environment where every effort to right the situation seemed to fail miserably. As a result of the emotional stress, I developed physical ailments which forced me to take medical leave. I have since been blessed with a new job that matches virtually everything I prayed for, including close proximity to my house and an organization whose values mirror my own. I truly believe that this could not have happened without the powerful intercession of St. Jude. I am forever grateful for his miraculous influence in my life.

- P. C., Hermosa Beach, CA

I am a teenage girl in the twelfth grade. In order for me to graduate with my class, I had to pass the Social or Science Leap test. I kept failing and failing. So my grandmother gave me the St. Jude prayer to say every night, and it made a miracle happen. Now I will be graduating with my class and friends. Thank you so much, St. Jude.

- T. D., New Orleans, LA

My mother was discovered to have an ovarian tumor during a routine examination. Her physician was very concerned and made arrangements for immediate surgery. When I told a friend at work, she gave me the St. Jude prayer card and told me to have my family start praying. Mom's surgery was completed on the eighth day of our novena. While the tumor was pre-cancerous, it was entirely removed and none of it had spread. No further treatment is necessary and Mom will have a complete recovery. I truly believe that this result was due to St. Jude.

- B. S., Forest Hill, MD

St. Jude interceded for me when I was very ill. I believe he was instrumental in my finding the neurologist who finally diagnosed my illness, Stiff Limb Syndrome. Since it is almost unknown, it was very difficult to find a physician who could diagnose it and prescribe the correct medication to control it. I am now no longer confined to a wheelchair and am also pain-free. Thanks to St. Jude and to Our Lady of San Juan, who is also my powerful patron.

- N. M., San Antonio, TX

St. Jude has helped so many times in my life that there may not be enough paper in the world to share each and every time. The most recent time was a year and a half ago, when my husband started using drugs and it caused us to separate. During the time he was gone I prayed each day that St. Jude would intercede with our Lord and help him find his way out of addiction, and bring back home to me and our children the whole person he used to be. After a month he called and asked for forgiveness. I was leary but forgave him and today we stand strong as a couple.

- J. H., Colfax, CA

I thank God for allowing St. Jude to intercede for me. As a new manager and supervisor in two different locations, over and over again small and big miracles are happening. My job was saved and I still had time for my family - what a blessing!

- Anon., Santa Clarita, CA

My prayers to St. Jude were answered this past year. I had prayed that my son and daughter-in-law would be able to conceive. They now have a beautiful healthy baby girl. Thank you, St. Jude, from the bottom of my heart!

- C., Carol Stream, IL

I am thankful to St. Jude for hearing my prayers. My grandson was fired from his job. I prayed to St. Jude for him to find another job and he did, after being without work for some months. My prayers have been answered for one grandchild. I will continue to ask St. Jude to intercede for the others and for my own children (their parents).

- C. R., Chicago, IL

I asked and prayed to St. Jude to help me through a crisis that was causing me considerable pain and suffering. I asked St. Jude to intercede to Christ for help and to give me direction. My prayers were answered and my relationship with the Lord is strong.

- T. P., San Diego, CA

Two weeks ago I felt my son and daughter-in-law were in great difficulty with their marriage, so I made a Novena to St. Jude. During this time they decided to go to a counselor and now they are planning a trip with their sons. I feel that this all came abut from the intercession of St. Jude.

- D. F., Vernon, BC, Canada

My sister was very ill in September and the doctors didn't hold much hope for her recovery. I prayed diligently to St. Jude, day and night, asking him to intercede with the Holy Family that if it were God's Will, my sister would get well. She's the center of our family and we would all miss her very much. By the end of the month my sister was miraculously well and able to come home. I thank St. Jude for his intercession with the Holy Family.

- B. W., Wilmot, NS, Canada

My son was deployed with Bravo Battery of the 109th Field Artillery National Guard Unit based in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. He spent about one year in the Middle East, being stationed in Iraq for eleven months. My prayers to St. Jude helped us get through; while there my son was promoted to Sergeant First Class. My prayers were answered when he returned safely home. The entire unit made it safely home despite numerous close calls, to which the unit commander attributed divine intervention. For many years I've prayed to St. Jude and have had favors granted. I will continue my devotion to him.

- C. F., Nanticoke, PA

I have prayed to St. Jude most of my adult years to intercede for me and for my family. Most recently, I prayed when my son-in-law needed to take an important entrance exam. He had been out of school for a while and was not as young or well prepared as many of the other potential students. The test is very difficult but St. Jude was with him. He passed with a very good score that will allow him to get into a university of his choice and start the road to his career. St. Jude has always answered my prayers. I believe so strongly in St. Jude's power. I have tried to teach my children to trust and pray to him also. St. Jude answers prayers.

- D. B., El Cajon, CA

I want to thank St. Jude for the following intercessions: I am off of dialysis without needing a kidney transplant, I am no longer a Type II diabetic, I don't have anemia, I no longer have lung cancer, and my brother doesn't have prostate cancer. St. Jude is truly the patron of hopeless cases.

- B. G., Winona, MN

St. Jude has answered many prayers for me this past year. Our son was born at 24 weeks and I turned immediately to St. Jude; our premature son is now at home with us and is thriving. St. Jude watched over the doctors and nurses caring for our son through over 20 surgeries. St. Jude helped friends of ours in the neonatal intensive unit by caring for their son. St. Jude has always been by my side. I am so thankful to him.

- C. T., Irvine, CA

My prayers were answered by St. Jude. I prayed that my husband's tests would come back negative for cancer, which they did. Thank you, St. Jude.

- D. J., Newark, OH

I want to thank St. Jude for interceding for me when I was diagnosed with cancer. Nine years ago I had a kidney removed and had been cancer-free for nine years. I had prayed to St. Jude at that time and he answered my prayers. This December I was again diagnosed with cancer and had to have a partial mastectomy. Again St. Jude heard my prayers and the doctors were able to remove the tumor. I was told they removed all of the cancer and now I have to go for chemo and radiation. I have been told by the doctors that I am cancer-free and the treatments are precautionary. I thank God every day of my life, and St. Jude.

- E. S., Orland Park, IL

I want to thank St. Jude for the great favor he has granted me in my time of need. He has always been there for me every time I thought it was hopeless.

- C. M., Marshalls Creek, PA

I want to share my gratitude and my blessings for the speedy answers to my prayer requests to St. Jude. I thank him every day. I'm not Catholic, but I trust and believe in St. Jude.

- C. C., Garfield, KY

I had been having so many troubles in my family life; I prayed to God through St. Jude and in a matter of two days he responded to my special request. I will never stop praising the Lord, and I want to thank St. Jude for his intercession.

- S. C., Brooklyn, NY

I want to thank St. Jude for helping me to get my marriage back on track. I prayed to him faithfully. I believe St. Jude uses his powerful intercession for people like me... hopeless and alone.

- L. M., Moscow, PA

The most profound visible help I have ever received from St. Jude was about ten years ago, when I was praying for a special intention and couldn't see an answer. I called out to our patron, asking that I get a sign that my prayers were being heard. That same evening I went to the grocery store with a lengthy list of items. I started in the produce department... when I reached for apples, there was a St. Jude prayer card sticking out of the display. I picked it up and brought it home with me. Talk about a visible answer!

- J. H., Colfax, CA

Four years ago my friend gave me a prayer card to St. Jude, who I had never heard of at the time. I didn't say the prayer much until just a few months ago, when I had to pass two very important exams. I went through great anxiety and stress, and then I remembered to turn to St. Jude. He answered my prayers and came to my assistance when I needed him most. I passed both exams and my life returned to normal. Since then, St. Jude is my special patron, and I encourage devotion to him with all my heart.

- M. M., Croatia

I recently went through an incident that left me despondent. I called upon St. Jude for his intercession. He has always been my special and powerful patron saint. I have only called upon him a few times, but each time he has interceded on my behalf. This time I again prayed for his help. Thankfully he was there and I even felt a calming effect take over my body. I am eternally grateful.

- B., E-Mail

I have been praying for my son, who is in basic training. I pray that he will face all the challenges with courage and faith. Thus far, he has been fine... for this I want to thank the patron saint of difficult cases, St. Jude. I will ever encourage devotion to him. I want to praise God for his blessings. I ask St. Jude to continue to intercede for my son.

- S. S., Manitoba, Canada

I would like to express "thank you" to St. Jude. I have a friend who was given a 30-day notice to find a job within our company. I was concerned for him and prayed to St. Jude that he would find something before the 30 days were up. St. Jude heard my prayers. Thank you, St. Jude, for being there for me and for my friend. You never fail me.

- Anon, Oakland, CA

I wish to thank St. Jude and acknowledge his help. My last mammogram indicated a change. I prayed to St. Jude, and the result of the biopsy was benign. St. Jude has answered my prayers in many instances, and I will continue to turn to him for help.

- J. V. A., Pittsfield, IL

I want to thank St. Jude for helping me find my apartment. I was having a hard time because of finances, and I couldn't find one I could afford. I started praying to St. Jude and, praise God, my prayers were answered.

- D. S., Baltimore, MD

In December of 2003 I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. I was very sick for about six months. I have always believed in St. Jude but when I became ill, my heart was filled with more love for St. Jude. I gave all my illnesses to him and asked for a healing. St. Jude has answered my prayers. I feel so much better; St. Jude has given me strength and the will to be an advocate for him. I let everyone know about him. The patients at the hospital where I have my dialysis all know about St. Jude.

- M. L. K., Los Angeles, CA

I have been off work since last June due to some surgery. I applied for disability pay but it was denied. In September I developed a different condition unrelated to the surgery which has kept me out of work even longer. My financial obligations have gotten so far out of hand since we have only my husband's income to support us now. I reapplied for disability in the hopes that the insurance company would approve it based on this different condition. Well, it took the disability company three months to decide in my favor. I prayed to St. Jude constantly during that time. This blessing has helped us pay on some of our medical bills and it has helped us pay on a few other financial obligations as well. I want you to know I feel St. Jude has truly been there and answered my urgent petitions. I have not forgotten my promise to St. Jude to encourage devotion to him every day.

- D. M., Houston, TX

I received a card with St. Jude's prayer on it from an American lady while I was on holiday in the Caribbean. Last year I had a very trying and difficult time, and even in the first month of this year, things have been tough. Since January I have been praying to St. Jude for his help and guidance. Thanks to St. Jude, I have gained a wonderful new job, made some new friends, and feel like a happier, more positive person.

- L. P., Nottingham, England

I would like to express my gratitude to St. Jude for all the blessings I have received through his intercession. There were times in my life when I thought I was facing problems without solutions. But with St. Jude's help and intercession, my prayers were never left unanswered. I will always put my trust in him because, indeed, nothing is impossible with St. Jude!

- M. C. M., Leonardtown, MD

Our 28-year old son has been cured of cancer after two surgeries and four very difficult rounds of chemotherapy treatment. He was diagnosed in September of 2004 and pronounced clear of this terrible disease in January. Our novena and prayers to St. Jude have been ongoing throughout his treatment. We give thanks to St. Jude for taking care of our son and of us during a very hopeless time in our lives. We will continue our prayers to him and thank God, all the angels and all the saints in Heaven for their mercy.

- M. T., St. Louis, MO

Recently I lost my eyesight. I prayed every day to St. Jude, the patron of hopeless cases and desperate causes. Since the past February, my eyesight has slowly improved. With good light I can see enough to write and get around. I have faith in St. Jude.

- J. N., Eveleth, MN

I wish to express heartfelt and sincere thanks to St. Jude for interceding for me regarding a special intention which affected my health. Thanks to St. Jude, his intercession will never be forgotten and I shall spread devotion to his holy name and good works as long as I am able.

- C. M., E-mail

A few years ago my aunt gave me a card with a picture of St. Jude on it. On the back is a prayer for when a problem arises or when one seems to be deprived of all visible help. I have been praying for healing of a broken heart. I see in some small ways that St. Jude has been helping me. I have faith he will continue to bless me.

- A., Greensburg, PA

Two years after my husband passed away, I decided I needed to sell the home we had lived in all our married life of 57 years. I prayed to St. Jude that I would find something close to my church and my friends and my children. In due time, my daughter took me to see some senior apartments. I love it here. I also asked St. Jude to sell my house, and it sold in one day. St. Jude has been so wonderful to me.

- A. C., Baltimore, MD

I have a son who has been ill since childhood with Crohn's Disease. As a young man, he started to have anxiety attacks. Out of the blue he asked me to petition St. Jude on his behalf. I found one of the cards for healing and enrolled him. The anxiety attacks ceased. We were both thankful to St. Jude for this cure. I continue to pray to St. Jude to intercede with God for my son's healing, both physical and spiritual. He is a powerful intercessor.

- R. F., Hazleton, PA

St. Jude has been my personal patron saint since 1972. He's always been at my side; most recently he was my special intercessor and I know he was responsible for a most favorable resolution of a lawsuit against us. St. Jude never ceases to be at my side.

- C. B., Livonia, MI

Over a year ago the daughter of a close friend underwent a very serious operation for a rare bone and joint problem. If it failed she likely would be confined to a wheelchair for life. We sent her a St. Jude card to take to the hospital and we included her in our prayers. The operation was seemingly a success, however, further evaluation indicated another serious operation was required. She hesitated but finally agreed to the second surgery. The day of the procedure the medical team came to her room and announced that the problem had somehow been cured and she could go home and look forward to a more normal life. She and her family told us of the jubilation and the fact that they had witnessed a miracle. She is now very happy and thankful to St. Jude. We all are!

- B. R., Sacramento, CA

I prayed fervently to St. Jude when I feared skin cancer. Not only were my fears lightened when I prayed to St. Jude but my biopsy report showed no malignancy. I have prayed to St. Jude for over 30 years and I continue to rely on him for help daily.

- D. L., Alaska

My father was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. After praying to St. Jude, my father is now in remission and considered cancer-free. St. Jude also interceded when my son-in-law applied to dental school and was accepted to attend UCSF, which he wanted. I want all to know that St. Jude will be there when you need him to intercede on your behalf, no matter how serious the request. Stay with St. Jude as he will stay with you.

- D. B., El Cajon, CA

I was desperate and then I remembered I used to pray to St. Jude for help. I prayed to him and the very next day I received a letter from the National Shrine. It helped renew my faith in prayer.

- M. G., Tomson, MD

My son was checked for colon cancer, which thank God he didn't have, but it was recommended that six inches of colon be removed due to another condition found. When doctors operated, they found an extremely healthy colon. Even the anesthetist who had been there and had seen his colon during the tests said he could not explain it. When my son told the doctors his mother was praying to St. Jude, they said it could explain it, because they had never seen diverticulitis cure itself! Thank you, Saint Jude.

- M. L., Sierra Vista, AZ

I want to thank St. Jude for his guidance through some difficult times. He is always there when needed.

- A. K., Philadelphia, PA

I prayed to St. Jude because my husband could not breathe very well and I feared he would have to go to the hospital. We were on vacation and away from our doctors. I prayed to St. Jude and he answered me by having us be able to return home without any hospitalization.

- C. S., North Andover, MA

My brother-in-law's estate was being sued which would have led to me losing half of my home. My prayers were answered because the lawsuit was suddenly dropped. I thank God and St. Jude every day for this intercession.

- R. R., Somerville, MA

I want to thank St. Jude for keeping my home safe during the hurricane season last summer in Florida. As always, he helped me as he has throughout the years. I have a very deep faith in St. Jude.

- M. S., Leetz, FL

Thanks to St. Jude for my petition being granted. Our parish was to close but is now remaining open. St. Jude came through for us!

- S. B., St. Louis, MO

I have prayed a long time to St. Jude, and he has answered most of my prayers. We were able to re-mortgage our home at a lower rate of interest, then my daughter got a better job, my other daughter has moved into a nicer home, and her daughter graduated grade 9 with honors. I have a statue of St. Jude, and I attach my requests to it and pray every day.

- S. E., Henderson, NV

Thank you, St. Jude, for the favor granted. I had my first treatment for macular degeneration. The two weeks after the initial injection were difficult; my vision didn't seem to be any better. The doctor had warned me that might happen. I turned to St. Jude for help. Although I need more light to read, and the print seems to be getting smaller, I can read some things.

- A. C., Baltimore, MD

I wish everyone would have faith in our St. Jude. I believe God hears us if we have faith, and he gave permission to St. Jude to help us. I feel it in my heart. I want to thank God and St. Jude for being with my husband when he had surgery on his right eye and now everything looks good for him. We love and trust St. Jude.

- J. R., LaVerne, CA

Thanks to St. Jude's intercession, my son recently passed his State Firefighter Exam in Florida. He's failed on two previous tries. St. Jude guided and directed him during his exam.

- F. D., Palm City, FL

A prayer to St. Jude has been answered. Our family has been through a rough year, and although this request was secondary, it was answered and we are so pleased. I am so grateful and will continue to pray to St. Jude and tell others about him.

- J. P., Hammond, IN

I was in despair of losing the house where we live due to a mistake. I prayed to St. Jude and my prayers were answered. St. Jude has always helped me. A friend of mine reminded me to keep praying to this powerful patron.

- D. M., El Paso, TX

My son had a lot of problems with his director on his job and was suspended for a week. He was very upset because he felt he was wrongly accused. I spoke about this with a Catholic priest I know and he gave me a St. Jude prayer card to give to my son. I am an Anglican Christian convert from a Hindu priestly family, married to a Muslim. Both of my sons are confirmed Christians. The priest told me the Lord bade him give the prayer card to my son and have him pray three times a day, and his problems with his director would be solved. We both prayed, and our prayers were answered; my son went back to work before the week was up. Now we pray to St. Jude every day and he is always solving our problems. We have distributed the prayer cards to our Christian and non-Christian friends.

- C. A. A., Fiji Islands

I want to thank St. Jude for always being there for my family and I. Since I was a young girl, I said his prayer nightly for the hope and faith to get through a difficult childhood. When I became an adult and was told I would never have children of my own, I prayed to him and attended novenas weekly. As a result of those prayers and my faith in his intercession, my prayers were answered and I am the mother of two miracle boys! Thank you St. Jude for all you have given me.

- R. G., Lincoln, RI

I started a new job in May 2004. I went in with a promotion and had to perform my job at that level. I was very frustrated since no one seemed to have the time to train me. In church one Sunday, I picked up a St. Jude prayer card and started praying to him about it. Things started to turn around at work, and I was able to perform my job as expected. I strongly encourage devotion to St. Jude.

- C., Miamisburg, OH

My daughter went for an examination, at which time they performed a biopsy. I prayed to St. Jude, and on the ninth day of the novena, my daughter called and said the test report was good. I am so thankful to St. Jude.

- S. S., Pittsburgh, PA

Our recent petition placed at the altar of St. Jude was answered in a most wonderful and unexpected way. Our heartiest thanks to ever faithful St. Jude.

- M. and A., Australia

St. Jude has helped with my brain cancer treatment. The progress I am making is miraculous and I am now a devoted follower of St. Jude. I will continue to pray to him and tell people about him.

- J. H., Dublin, Ireland

My son was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. It was a very emotional time for my family and I was overwhelmed. I found a prayer card to St. Jude and began to pray to him every day. Through his intercession we won a favorable decision in court and have been able to move forward as a family. My son learned a valuable lesson, one that perhaps has saved his life and the lives of others. We are stronger and closer than we have ever been, and I believe this is due to St. Jude praying with us to God.

- Anon., Buffalo, NY

I would like to acknowledge my heartfelt prayers to St. Jude, who has always been my powerful spiritual friend and guardian.

- M. K., Boynton Beach, FL

I have been praying to St. Jude for health and harmony in my family. My father is 93 and his health has remarkably improved and my son and I are getting along better. I also prayed about my addiction and quite smoking over a month ago. I am thankful to St. Jude and to Jesus Christ.

- M. C., Knoxville, TN

I prayed to St. Jude for his intercession to help me pass my National Physician Assistant boards, which I had failed two times. I also prayed for enthusiasm in my studies and strength to carry my cross. Also, I prayed to have someone sent aid to me in my vocation to be a good P. A. I am so thankful that I did pass my exam and someone is helping me now as a mentor. Thank you, St. Jude, for your intercession.

- J. S., Lexington, MS

My daughter's last checkup found no more cancer cells. They feel chemo and radiation took care of her. I feel besides the above, our prayer group's prayers to St. Jude and my extra prayers and promise were the reason she was told she had no more cancer cells.

- R. G., Leominster, MA

We had to move for health reasons for the second time in three and a half years. Houses were not selling and we were frustrated. St. Jude came through for us again, and for that we are extremely grateful.

- I. O., Kennesau, GA

A friend of ours had been accused of stealing and mishandling money at the cafeteria where she worked. She is an honest and caring person. A jury found her guilty and recommended one year of prison and repayment of thousands of dollars. She had to wait six weeks for sentencing. I prayed St. Jude's prayer for hopeless cases and sent her a prayer card. She said she had never felt so lost and alone and that the prayer must have been written just for her. When sentencing day came, the judge threw out most counts against her. He said the audit was a fraud and no money was actually proven missing. Thank you, St. Jude, for your help.

- M. S., W. Harrison, IN