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1st Sunday of Advent: December 2nd
2nd Sunday of Advent: December 9th
3rd Sunday of Advent: December 16th
4th Sunday of Advent: December 23rd
A Prayer to St. Jude for Easter
A Prayer to St. Jude for Lent
A St. Jude prayer for Christmas
A St. Jude prayer for the New Year
All Saints: November 1
All Souls: November 2
At Easter, We Celebrate the Living One
Blessings on your baby's Baptism!
Christmas Peace
Christmas scene (St. Paul's)
In Lent, We Return to the Lord
Palm Sunday
Prayer of Thanksgiving to St. Jude
Prayer of Thanksgiving to St. Jude - Give Thanks
Prayer to St. Jude for Christmas
St. Jude Prayer for Advent
Thanksgiving: Prayer for Generosity
Thanksgiving: To Remain in Constant Gratitude




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